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Margate Interstellar Airline’s attacks were getting more and more urgent. In the large scale of things, it was getting more and more disadvantageous for themselves. There was news to prove that Margate Interstellar Airline was approaching their existing contract partners, and things looked dire.


If it were someone else, they would pretend and plainly show off. However, knowing the personalities of the people of Arbiter, especially people from Warrior Soul College like Aragorn, there was only one possibility.


Looking at the deep forest, Yuan Jing whistled. Behind the seemingly contemptuous look was a hidden cautiousness against Xie Yuxin. How can you be certain that the thorns will not attack us? Also, the exchange office that you were talking about, is it really in there? Is it really only in there that we can cancel the mission of the tracker?


She was the Princess’ secretary, just like Angela was to Lin Huiyin. She need not have her own opinion, nor take initiative. She existed merely to adhere to the Princess’ wishes, and to serve the Princess. For example, even if the whole world was against her on the matter of Wang Zheng, she had to be on the same side as the Princess. Even Kashawen could not sway her. This was the law of Aslan royalty.


Aragorn was not surprised. Mars was this good because his Heavenly Overlord Attack level was clearly Tyrant’s Word Arts level. But he had a different sinister feel to it. This was also why his own junior had died in battle. He had been drained to death. Both were of equal power, but Mars’ Tyrant’s Word Arts brought a cunning softness with it.


However, every major team was reviewing Wang Zheng after the match. Reviews were necessary; otherwise, death would be imminent. When did this fellow have a breakthrough again? The reviews were simply unable to keep up!

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Achilles grimaced. It was not that he did not support him, but Saruman Snake was about to become the biggest joke. And if Saruman Snake was eliminated, then Wang Zheng could not achieve his goal.


Meng Tian and the rest advanced cautiously. Including Xie Yuxin, there were eight people in total. At this time, everyone maintained their cool, and only by doing so could they avoid attacks by the Thorn Forest. It was a form of practice for spiritual control.


This was the first time the Rotating Shovel was faced with such an energy equivalent. This was beyond Wang Zhengs control. The agglomerated spinning powers were now beyond his control. This was the power of death that even the user was unable to stop.


Although it had yet to be released, but his X rank ranking would have leaped forward. However, he had to remain composed.


A trace of surprise flashed in Yun Hais eyes. Due to specific arrangements, they had managed to evade danger. Even for the few encounters, those they encountered were normal rank Mist Killers. If this occurred once, it could be due to chance. For the second time, it could be luck, but if it occurred thrice


Wang Zheng had satisfied all of these, especially when he was so legendary as well. A college student who was the winner of the physics award and the youngest member of the Genesis Coffee Club!


Wang Zheng and the others were somewhat relaxed after watching Lear’s match. The skill level and variations shown were not unexpected. Wang Zheng was afraid that Lear, like Luo Fei, was hiding some unusual ability. But looking at Lear’s suppressed delight, it appeared to be otherwise.



Wang Zheng and Achilles looked at each other. This was too much. Be it the Primordial Regression Technique or the Heavenly King Arts, they were both 128 points. They knew what Lie Xin was trying to do, but was she crazy? This was something unthinkable. It had been a few hundred years, and no one had heard of combining the Lie Flame Technique and the Sage Arts!



Such power was leader level. But the only leader level person on island B was Olivios. But it was unthinkable that Olivios would help them. More importantly, this was not something that was in character for Olivios.


During the 10-minute preparation break period, the entire venue’s atmosphere was abnormally odd. The strength that Luo Fei had displayed was unconventional. The formidable Mars had actually been beaten to the point where he had no strength to fight back.


On the surface, he seemed like a slack guy, but in truth, Luo Fei’s comprehension was terrifyingly good. He was the kind that could focus in an instant, which meant that what took others a long time to distill and process was a walk in the park for Luo Fei to grasp.

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