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Having reached this far in the battle, there was no retreating for either of them. Whoever retreated would be forced to the cliff.


“The Dynasty battle team is basically finished,” Di Maria stated. There was a hint of disappointment in his words. How to say it? Lear was like a poster guy; there were too many people like that, but in Elite Academy X, Lear’s performance was certainly not bad. Di Maria had also wanted to strengthen their cooperation with each other. Other than that, Aslan had also wished to strengthen the relationship with the Solar System. The Cronos family were conservatively deep-rooted there, and in comparison to the emerging radical forces, were better-suited to Aslan’s requirements.


Lie Xins virtual image appeared. Sabot pointed at Lie Xins body. We have confirmed that Zhang Shan will not be able to take part in the match given his current condition. This means that Lie Xin will very likely be taking on one of the first three battles. Spiritual power is mid B-level. Earth-rank one, with a high possibility of Earth-rank two. Specialty is ancient martial arts Lie Fire Technique and Flames of the Blazing Angel. Experienced in close range combat but somewhat weak in Ability X.


Mu Zhens unique, towering build appeared in front of everyones field of vision. Even the holographic image seemed extraordinarily mighty. Today, Mu Zhen was topless. He was wearing the traditional costume of what the Titans would wear during the Titans annual ceremony of the Battle of the Brave. Those solid and explosive muscles were telling the world what strength meant!


Feeling the astonishment in the arena, Ouyang Chuanyuns expression turned for the worse. The opponent indeed possessed Earth-rank two spiritual powers, and he could definitely suppress Achilles. In addition, with the increase in the power of the Holy Light, how could he have made such a mistake in such an ordinary crossfire?


The powerful Child of Light battle team was actually defeated as such – comprehensively suppressed from technical and strengths viewpoint. Only the Aslan people could achieve this, and there was no other country within the Milky Way Alliance could do so.

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Given normal procedures, there was about a month left to the main competition. Given Aslan’s medical technology, Wang Zheng’s injuries could heal, with just a slight handicap to his energy. And this was no problem to him. But if the qualifiers had been truncated, then would this cause the main competition to be pushed forward?


At this level, the protection of mech was minimal. Once hit, death was a certainty. Some protection protocols by the SIG might be too late. The big screen suddenly cut over to Kashawen.


The Phantom King clearly took the offensive, using sufficient speed and agility to completely suppress the tank. The Guillotine was battered beyond defence and could not retaliate. Not only was the Phantom King quick, the tank’s defence was also passable. Although he wanted to attack, he was always a step behind. Moreover, the Phantom King’s energy swap was virtually impossible to defend against.


The energy shield activated. This was impossible to defend against. Hu Ya attacked with confidence. His titanium blade slashed madly at Zhang Shan. The energy splashed, crushing Zhang Shan heavily, rendering him breathless. Hu Ya’s titanium blade of carried an icy chill, infiltrating the mech non-stop. Zhang Shan felt that his body was beginning to stiffen. He had heard about the boiled frog effect, but had never heard about a frozen frog before. This was not good for a confrontation.


After the surging, golden power thrusted into the runes of the Rune Warrior, a great deal more power spread out.


“Of course it’s possible. That’s Princess Aina. But if word gets out, there’s always a way to prevent them from retracting, as long as we are strong enough!”


Mars gathered his focus. Wang Zheng was standing easily, but there was not a single weak spot. He tried using his aura to rush the opponent, but it had no effect.



Olivios was very clear on this. If it were a boxing routine, it would have been thoroughly defeated by the Heavenly Overlord Attack, but the opponent’s attacks were an even more coarse, through and through, full-on attack in comparison to the Heavenly Overlord Attack. This fellow did not have any movements in the Elite Academy X, but actually also had a mid-B standard. It seemed Elite Academy X still hid some talented individuals.



Lin Feng stood up. He could not be seated for such a battle. Jondi Lilick stood up too. Honestly, they did not care much about the Arbiters.


The sight of hundreds of them charging out made three of the weakest member in the team nervous, and this was not something they could control.


Hinrich’s Ability X was the standard fire element, filled with violent expansion and burning power. However, Lie Xin’s flame was the fierce fire that had gone through the baptism of the ancient martial arts. It was more purified.

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