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Truthfully, this type of power-type super warrior was very difficult to deal with. The most effective restraint for this type was the trait type. For instance, Jondi Lilicks Death Vines were especially effective to deal with this type. However, Achilles fancy universal gravitational ability was somewhat ineffective against the power-type.


To the outside world, this was a very evenly matched battle. Even if Aslan was confident, it was at most a sixty percent chance. However, the Sword Shield Rose team seemed very relaxed. Lin Feng did not pretend to be serious; he had always showed a relaxed expression.


Lin Feng was completely surrounded by the six energy warriors. It was an amazing combination. Lin Feng was totally locked in by the long energy spear. Furthermore, the speed of movement was very rapid, and they were fierce and fearless.


But the remaining week was very calm. Wang Zheng had not been attacked. Of course, leaders on island A had fought, but it was fairly moderate. The weaker ones would prioritize hiding, and it was hard to find them. And even if they were weaker, that did not mean they were helpless. After all, it was overly strict that a leader’s elimination would eliminate their team. Those who were stronger were even more prudent, because it was easy to get tripped up in such an environment. The chances of a sneak attack were amplified, and they were the most obvious target.


Dont say anything. Meng Tian did not know what to do either. With a healing capsule, the injury that Ge Ping had sustained would be healed in an hour. However, over here, there was nothing. All they could do was watch their teammates collapse and die.


The battle teams that had advanced to the quarter-finals, whether it was the captain or the team members, had sufficient confidence in their abilities. However, this confidence and defiance could either mean victory or failure.

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11 cyborg Zergs pounced madly on Wang Zheng. The generals, Zhang Zhun, and the concealed ambushers who had yet to give up – all were shocked. Because until now, Wang Zheng stood as though petrified… Even if you were made of iron and steel, you would have been shredded. Humans needed time to act and react!


A horrifying chill started to spread. However, the Sun God Battle Crystal also used the streaming lights unceasingly. The speed was the fastest in the SIG, which was definitely against heaven’s will, and it squarely broke loose just as it was being frozen. It then pierced straight into the energy wall, disappearing without a trace


Said Si Jiali. The cameras were now penned to the west stand. Seated there was a group of special spectators. They were the giants from Titatitian Star. The Titans had to learn to step out from their planet. The head of the group was an eye-catching giant, and he was the leader of Dida Titian Rara Durai!


Regardless of how Yan Xiaosu’s battle was proceeding, Wang Zheng’s own battle was bloody.


This was a characteristic of Luo Feis ability. In fact, it was similar to when he faced Mars previously. Once he disregarded his concern for life and began consuming, he could devour everything. In fact, he would be in a state of extreme excitement for a specific period of time.


The laser rang out, and Mu Zhen agilely dived into the jungle. The trees were his best defense, and he had even fashioned a small, wooden shield for emergencies. In the dark, Mu Zhen’s eyes gleamed. The tough got going when the going got tough. If the enemies wanted to forgo rest, that would be the time he struck.


Lear’s Eternal Aries was a stunningly bright silver. Suddenly, a silver electric light exploded, tearing at Bartley’s momentum. The two forces collided, an even match.



He was grateful that Ada had brought him along and allowed him to experience a different life. The greatest honour for a warrior was to die in a battlefield.



Jondi Lilicks big gasp almost gave a lot of audience side stitches. Im a Saruman Snake supporter, and this has not changed. But as an SIG contestant, the difference in strength between the two teams is really huge. From the intelligence gathered so far, the average spiritual power of Atlantis Sea Queen members is mid B and above. This means that they are all Earth-rank warriors. The Atlanteans are skilled in spiritual power and can even reached B and above. They have not displayed much of their spiritual powers previously, but now, through the runic mecha and Runic Matrix, this will chance. Honestly, I personally feel that the Sea Queen battle team is actually the strongest team in the SIG.


This was definitely a first for the Storm battle team. Losing an almost sure-win battle so utterly and completely stunned them all. It was a performance of fighters with similar capabilities. The ranks of Achilles totally suppressed Satie. This was a case of encountering embarrassment, not a curse.


The Zero Degrees battle team’s battle tactic was to centralize all power with Ai Zhengyang leading the pack. The rest only needed to provide a suitable environment for unleashing the ice attribute abilities, suppressing the opponents’ spiritual power. This was the understanding and ultimate move of the Zero Degrees battle team. The result was obvious. Those who had not attained Earth-rank would not be able to withstand such attacks. Ai Zhengyang was as mighty as the ice god. This battle also created a new Ability X tactics.

  • The two mecha entered the arena, with two very distinctive styles. The Arbiters were rather reckless. Heracles had already proven his ability during the clash of the titans that he was a worthy contender of Wang Zheng, unless Aragorn was prepared to hand over this match. However, this was uncharacteristic of the Arbiters.
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